Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back At it ! Finally!
  After 3 months of working on an engine. We are ready to get back on the fish. I know a few people have been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to get on the water and slay some fish.

  Call me ASAP! I'm ready 510 750 4237.

Next week we will be trolling for halibut on the North or South bar. Just outside the gate. If the halibut don't feel like eating we can switch to Rock cod or Salmon.
  Rates are the same $150 pp if we stay in the bay and $175 if we go outside.
We fish Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays most weeks.
  We are currently departing from Berkeley Marina. Our boat is in the water real close to the boat ramp. cleaning table and restrooms.
  Last week I fished Wednesday and Thursday we caught some nice salmon on the North side of the North Bar. Yes The potato Patch.
Plan on spending the day salmon fishing if you want limits of salmon.
 This coming week the tidal situation gives us a shot at the Halibut and with the amount of bait around the halibut fishing could be epic.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How to open tray bait at home.


By Capt. John Badger
Owner and operator of:
BARBARIAN Sportfishing

U want to be a 10%er you have to start thinking about your trip long before the rest of the 90%.
Opening tray bait is a ritual. 

  Everybody knows that your bait can make you or break you.
Being critical of your bait is a great trait.
Knowing what is important about your bait is even more important.

Here’s what you look for:
·          Is it still vacuum sealed?
·         NO Brown packages
·         NO Broken noses

Now you have a good tray bait to work with?

Getting your bait to look good and stay good for the most amount of time is important.

Getting bait to the hook and on the hook, while maintaining, that fresh bait look is soooo important.
SCALES is THE most important part of this process. My ritual is the way it is because I’m trying to maintain that baits shine.
 If your bait doesn't have scales the fish can’t see your bait. PERIOD!

First select your baits (Herring? Anchovies? )

The trays you are going to use put a hole in the package to release the vacuum.

  DO NOT pull on the plastic. Just poke a hole and leave it alone. Let it thaw a little so you can remove the entire tray from the package without having scales attached to the package

Let them sit while you get your brine solution together.

While your bait is thawing Mix the following:

  1. 2 gallons non chlorinated water
  2. 2 cups NO-IODINE salt
  3. 2 good squirts of Mrs. Stewart’s laundry bluing
  4. 1-2 packages, Dry Nonfat powdered milk (A box has 3 packages)
  5. Stir it up let it sit until your bait is ready to be removed from the package. That’s when the  plastic has let go of your bait.
  6. Add bait.
      I put 5- 6 trays in this cooler and big Bay Herring in the large cooler
Set bait in the shade or frig, if the wife will let you.

DO NOT forget it in the morning.

Happy fishing.