Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cat made the funny papers 

Sturgeon Fishing In Full Swing!

   Its been a good season so far. The drought, the water temperature and the lack of sturgeon fisherman has made it tough . We have had success and multiple fish days are here.

  I know its early in the year but great sturgeon days are here. The weather has been great. Bitting fish await you. 
  The drought did have an influence on our bite. Water temps exceeding 65 degrees made the fish lethargic early. It also made our bait fish a little different .
 We have figured it out . The water temp is back to somewhat normal. Our Bait is working.

Sturgeon Fishing Is In Full swing !
UBER Marine SCV, HA HA limo drivers

The weather has been great. Bitting fish await you.
 I had to get out and search . I took the neighborhood kids out and they did great.

North Carolina Fire Fighter 
Josh's Friends neighborhood kids
Bomi and Ivy

  • Cathi Kiaser made made the cover of Western Outdoor News
  • A North Carolina Firefighter caught a solid fish 
  • Kerin and is band of limousine drivers got limits 
  • Bomi from Diamond Ford not only sold me a truck but left the boat with over 100 inches of sturgeon combining the effort with his wife Ivy. 
Bomi Concord Ford

November will be a month to remember as we plan for more sturgeon and more successful anglers in December. 

David Washington Upper Slot(David is the little guy)
North Carolina Fire Fighter

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Slowly But Shurely

57 inches CAT and ZACK

We are on a mission to find something better.
I've been looking for the mother lode. What I’m finding is fish that are moving around. Holes are holding fish for ½ a tide. Then they disappear.
We are catching a few fish but with over sized fish and shakers it leads me to believe the fish we are catching are mostly resident sturgeon. These are fish that don't move much and hang out or don't migrate.
The tides are changing and with bigger tides and water movement next week, we should be able to whack a few.
  We have been doing allot of scouting. Some of the locations we have been searching you may know or are familiar with.

  The Pump also referred to as Mallard Island Ferry. Most GPS have a tide or current mark there. That’s been the most consistent place I’m seeing fish. They like current and the fish we are seeing seem to be in smaller groups.

Chain Island has shown some fish. We have spent mostly incoming tides there and have caught shakers and over sized sturgeon there.

Roe and Ryer got a look and produced shakers.  We saw allot of jumpers there.

This week we gave the horse shoe a shot and managed to get a nice keeper sturgeon there.
  I’m still on the hunt and I’m feeling optimistic about the coming week 10/23

Fisherman  refer to places to fish as SPOTS. I prefer to call them locations. I never really drop on a spot. I scan the area and anchor in a strategic location . Usually down stream of feeding or what look like feeding sturgeon.