Saturday, October 18, 2014

Slowly But Shurely

57 inches CAT and ZACK

We are on a mission to find something better.
I've been looking for the mother lode. What I’m finding is fish that are moving around. Holes are holding fish for ½ a tide. Then they disappear.
We are catching a few fish but with over sized fish and shakers it leads me to believe the fish we are catching are mostly resident sturgeon. These are fish that don't move much and hang out or don't migrate.
The tides are changing and with bigger tides and water movement next week, we should be able to whack a few.
  We have been doing allot of scouting. Some of the locations we have been searching you may know or are familiar with.

  The Pump also referred to as Mallard Island Ferry. Most GPS have a tide or current mark there. That’s been the most consistent place I’m seeing fish. They like current and the fish we are seeing seem to be in smaller groups.

Chain Island has shown some fish. We have spent mostly incoming tides there and have caught shakers and over sized sturgeon there.

Roe and Ryer got a look and produced shakers.  We saw allot of jumpers there.

This week we gave the horse shoe a shot and managed to get a nice keeper sturgeon there.
  I’m still on the hunt and I’m feeling optimistic about the coming week 10/23

Fisherman  refer to places to fish as SPOTS. I prefer to call them locations. I never really drop on a spot. I scan the area and anchor in a strategic location . Usually down stream of feeding or what look like feeding sturgeon.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sturgeon Time Again!

  Wow where did the summer go?
  We moved the boat back to West Pittsburgh on 9/26/2014. McAvoys is the same old place. So rustic and quaint but quiet and cheap.
  This marina poses some issues with tide. Entering and exiting at high tide is important . We will be scheduling trips according to the tide. We need  +2 foot from mean low to get into and out of the harbor.
  We have enough bait to get started. We are anticipating a fantastic season. A few sturgeon have been reported. I think its time to, blow it up, up river.
Our normal haunts include Chain Island , Pittsburgh PG&E , The Big Cut , The little Cut , Roe and Ryer Island, The Horseshoe and of course, the Mothball fleet.  Anyplace in between that hold fish is a possibility.
Sometimes the wind comes up and we are forced to fish in areas protected by the wind. The Big Cut and Roe and Ryer are solid ,Out of the wind, locations.

 Sturgeon trips are $150 per person and most trips will be 12 hours and totally dependent on the tide.

Give us a call and we will sort out the details.

Capt. John Badger 
Cell 510 750 4237

To get there:

Mc Avoy's Yacht Harbor  
Address: 1001 Mcavoy Rd, Bay Point, CA 94565

From Highway 4

  • Take San Marco Blvd / Willow Pass Rd exit
  • Make a Left on Port Chicago Hwy. 
  • Turn Right on Mcavoy Rd.
  • I will meet you at the bait shop and take you down to the boat. Card Key access is necessary to get to the boat. 

 Come on down and get a sturgeon!
 Every body's doing it!

 Catch and keep or release it! We are there for you either way.